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Adaquant Asset Allocation Suite

Windows-based tool for individual investors to create sophisticated asset allocation plans

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Key Features

Easy and intuitive to use

  • Just a couple of clicks and you have an asset allocation plan!

  • Supports readily 10 main asset classes and over 20 asset classes

  • Pre-configured settings and product lists for ETF investors in USD, EUR, CHF and GBP

  • Built-in investor questionnaire to set your risk and return targets for the asset allocation plan

  • Plug-in Adaquant estimates for expected returns, volatility and costs for each asset class to create very sophisticated asset allocation plans

  • Click right-side image to see full-sized main screen

Screenshot of main window

Fully customizable

  • Create own asset classes

  • Create own estimates for expected returns, volatility and costs

  • Build your current investment portfolio and use it as input to your asset allocation plan

Screenshot of asset classes window

State-of-the-Art Technology

  • The calculation of asset allocation plan is based on proprietary method of creating sample returns from historic asset class returns

  • Sample returns are adjusted with estimates for expected returns and risk

  • Modern portfolio theory is then applied on these sample returns and asset allocation plan created that fulfills return and risk targets of the investor

  • Does not purely rely on historic asset class time series, so avoids the pitfalls of some other asset allocation software

Screenshot of progress bar

Insightful reports

  • Your asset allocation plan report includes target weights for main asset classes and asset classes, expected return and risk distribution and cost contribution of each asset class

  • Pre-configured ETF lists to get instant ideas on which products to invest

  • Click right-side image to see sample pdf report

Screenshot of asset allocation report

Free Trial

  • Download and install software for free

  • Works in Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit)

  • Full functionality except only one estimates profile available based on historic asset class returns

  • Trial period is 7 days


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  • Full functionality of Adaquant Asset Allocation Suite version 1 for unlimited period

  • Includes current Adaquant estimates for expected asset class returns, volatility and costs

  • Single-user license – you are allowed to manage your own portfolios

  • If you have installed trial version, no need to reinstall software, just activate the license

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