How to find ETFs?

How to find ETFs?

One feature of Adaquant Asset Allocation Suite is that it has a list of pre-selected ETFs which in our opinion are excellent choices for individual investors. They are low-cost, diversified and well represent the asset classes that the software uses. So how to find the ETF you are looking for?

Go to menu “Tools / Investments / Print”. It looks like this (click image to see it larger):

You have four pre-configured templates for investors in USD, EUR, GBP and CHF. Basically this means that we have put a tag to each product when it is a recommended product.

If you want to filter the results more, you can do this in “Select Product Attributes”. For example, let’s say you are USD investor and want to find a small cap equity ETF. Browse to the USD investor template. For “Category” select “Asset Class”, for “Values” select “Small Cap Equities” and for “Criteria”  select “Include”. Then press “Add” button. You see that this additional criteria is added to the filter list and the results in the below table updated accordingly. You have now four products to select from. You can sort the products by clicking the headers in the result table.

If you now press button “Print”, you will get a pdf that includes these four products in the order that they are in the result table (click image to see the pdf):

In addition to have inclusive criteria to filter the results, you can also have criteria to exclude products in the result list.

If you go to menu “Tools / Investments / Manage”, you can also add your own products/investments. You can also create your own investment attributes and attach them to new and existing investments.

When you create new investments, you can use them in the portfolio tool (Tools / Portfolio) to add the investments into your portfolio.

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