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Adding crowdlending as new asset class

Crowdlending is one of the newer asset classes available to individual investors. Crowdlending enables individual investors to directly loan money to other individuals and small/mid-size companies. The basic idea is that one investor can give partial loans to a large number of borrowers and thus build a broadly diversified loan portfolio.

One of the pioneer platforms, and the biggest, is LendingClub.┬áIn December 2017, it had loans active with combined worth of over $8 billion. It has been existing since 2007, has over 1.5 million investors and over $28 billion borrowed historically. It is also a publicly listed company in New […]

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Creating a simple asset allocation plan

This post is an example of how to make asset allocation plan with Adaquant Asset Allocation Suite. This is good reading especially for those that have just installed and opened the Suite and wondering how to start using the tool.

First step is to create a new clean simulation. While you can also change the settings of pre-configured simulations with ids 1-4, I would not recommend this – the Adaquant team might change the settings of these simulations in the data updates or future releases. When you create a new simulation, it gets an id of 1000 or above. This means […]

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